Monday, September 27, 2010

Hello FALL

Summer, as much as I enjoy and love you, it's been real... Fall is here! My absolute favorite season, and no, not just because it includes my birthday. I adore the weather, the colors, the smells. Fall is just a beautiful and magical time of the year. Plus, some of my favorite holidays: Thanksgiving and Halloween (and my birthday, of course)! So, Fall, I welcome you! With a recent trip to Cox Farm's Fall Festival, I got the chance to take some fall inspired pictures, finally!

Oh, have I mentioned....I LOVE apples!!? Delicious! Cox farm has some of the best. And the cider is pretty delicious too.

This blog post is pretty over-due. So I'm overloading it will all my recent activity! I wanted to share my love for all things rustic and old. Check out some of these pictures, old cars, old barns, things covered in rust. And I had some artistic liberties here... Exploring some editing techniques. Let me know what you think!

Now for my most recent work! I had a busy few days... And got to meet some amazing people! Check out this picture below... Amazing colors!

I also did a shoot with some AMAZING kiddies... Colin & Valentina, at the National Zoo! More on the Facebook page :)

And check out these from Darbi & Jay's wedding. Can you say GORGEOUS?

Until next time!! And don't forget to enter the raffle on Facebook for a FREE portrait session! :)

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